Giant Hogweed Removal

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is a very large and distinctive plant, which you can’t miss due to its cow-parsley- like appearance. This intrusive weed can grow anywhere, particularly near rivers and waterways. When treating Giant Hogweed, we always wear gloves, closed footwear and a facemask, as well as covering our arms and legs. This is important, because the sap can cause severe burns to the skin when in contact with sunlight.

Giant Hogweed is a perennial plant which can grow up to 5m in height with dark green leaves as it flowers the plant almost resembled the shape of an umbrella.

Treating Giant Hogweed

Treating Giant Hogweed is easy with a suitable herbicide treatment plan. The herbicide is absorbed by the leaves and moves throughout the entire weed, above and below ground, killing the whole weed through to its roots. The best time to apply this treatment is before flowering season, which is between April and May.

All new seedlings or any re-growth should be treated in August or September, if necessary. We would continue to visit at scheduled times during the spring and treat any new seedlings, which can continue to emerge for up to ten years.