Japanese Knotweed & Mortgages

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Japanese Knotweed and invasive weeds pushing through concrete

At Gaia Environmental we have substantial experience in successfully helping people who are looking for a mortgage on properties affected by Japanese knotweed.

If you are trying to purchase or sell a property that is affected by Japanese knotweed, you will probably be told you cannot get a mortgage. This is untrue so long as the correct removal procedure has been completed by a specialised Japanese Knotweed Removal Company, and all relevant insurances are in place.

The issue of being refused a mortgage due to Japanese knotweed has become a major problem for many home buyers. Thankfully, Gaia Environmental work closely with AAA rated Lloyds of London insurers which has fundamentally solved this problem.

Banks and Building Societies

In recent years, numerous banks and building societies have refused mortgages on properties affected by Japanese knotweed. In many cases this has included knotweed plants located on adjacent properties. However, guidance published by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, is helping to change this.

Through the RICS guidance, surveyors and mortgage lenders now have a system in place to help them determine and understand the risks associated with Japanese knotweed growing on or near property. Once a Gaia Environmental Japanese Knotweed management plan and relevant insurances are in place, the mortgage process is as straight forward as the normal process.


The insurances we provide prevent many banks and building societies from refusing mortgages due to their previous difficulties in quantifying property risks caused by Japanese knotweed.

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