Himalayan Balsam Removal

Cultural Techniques of Eradication

Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam was originally introduced by the Victorians as a decorative plant, but in recent years it has become a natural menace of surrounding natural vegetation in London, Surrey, and across the South East. Gaia Environmental are experts in ensuring that Himalayan Balsam is removed from your property or site, meaning that natural plants can grow back without damage.

Get in touch with Gaia Environmental, for a competitive quote on your Himalayan Balsam Removal in London, Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our expert methods are highly effective, and ensure that invasive weeds are driven from your garden or site.

Expert Pesticides

Himalayan Balsam often develops close to water, making it particularly difficult to remove with the help of suitable herbicides. Many Himalayan Balsam Removal teams in London, Surrey and the South East use chemicals such as Glysophate, which is not selective, and will kill any plant it comes into contact with. Here at Gaia Environmental, we use modern methods such as a pro stem injection kit, which restricts the herbicide to treating precise vegetation. This method minimises damage to surrounding plants, and is especially useful in situations where it may be dangerous to apply a broader herbicide.

A small area of infestation might be less complicated to control through physically eliminating it by means of pulling it up. Removing your Himalayan Balsam is best carried out before the plant begins to flower, but after the seed leaves have disappeared. This usually takes place between April and June, to ensure that all Himalayan Balsam plants ready for germination can be controlled. In addition to our pro injection method, we also use a selective herbicide, containing 2-4-D-amine, which when applied controls broadleaved weeds, and does not harm grasses. This herbicide prevents new Himalayan Balsam from growing, however it is an expert herbicide, and can only be applied to your Himalayan Balsam by a trained, experienced expert.

Guidance on the Use of Herbicides in or Near Water

Management of invasive weeds in or close to water and other vegetation

Our team at Gaia Environmental are experts at taking care of removing invasive weeds such as Himalayan Balsam in difficult areas around London, Surrey and the South East. Plants that have taken up residence near water can be particularly difficult, as any contamination of the water with herbicides can lead to further issues in vegetation. If you’re thinking of treating your Himalayan Balsam yourself, you can use herbicides such as Asteroid Biocare, a full energy glyphosate packaged in a one litre bottle. However, Asteroid Biocare is an extremely powerful herbicide, that will kill any plant it comes into contact with. It begins to degrade the weed (and the surrounding plants) as soon as it is applied, and for these reasons it is best to call in the professionals at Gaia Environmental for your Himalayan Balsam removal needs!